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Fire Uniform Repair is NFPA Certified it is a third party company, or Independent Service Provider, and we understand the needs of firefighters in terms of the routine cleaning, repair, inspection and tracking of these for bunker gear.

We have a unique approach to maintaining fire uniform and Fire Uniform Repair Provides the following services:

  • Advanced Cleaning

  • Specialized Cleaning

  • Advanced Inspection

  • Complete Liner Inspection

  • Basic Repairs

  • Advanced Repairs

  • Retrofits, Alterations, and Customizations

  • Emergency Response

  • Temporary Replacement Gear

  • Rental Gear

Life-threatening situations are encountered by firefighters regardless of which sector of the industry they are employed in. Fire Uniform Repair understands that the strictest possible safety standards have to be adhered to in order to maintain fire uniform, ensure that the integrity of the uniform is in tact and in return protect the firefighter from potentially lethal situations.

Bunker gear is not manufactured to be completely indestructible, and only by the proper care and maintenance of PPE’s can the firefighter be kept safe.

All fire uniform is cleaned, dried, fully inspected and return shipped in a turnaround time of 72 hours. Alterations or repairs take approximately two weeks and all fire uniform is tracked using the unique SATS tracking program.


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